The Kingdom of God is advancing in Indian Country, but with the highest rates of suicide, domestic and sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, and poverty in the country, the battles are hard-won and relentless.

Native American/First Nations pastors need rest, refreshment, reflection, encouragement, and solid biblical and theological training to be able to serve the sheep entrusted to their care. Recognizing this need, MTW, through the collaborative efforts of IMnA, CHIEF Inc., Thirdmill, and Sacred Road Ministries, is hosting the Native Pastors Gathering 2020.

Our theme and title of this event is Feed My Sheep, calling attention to Jesus’ command to Peter to feed the flock of God. But for so many Native pastors, lack of time and resources combined with the tyranny of the urgent, adversely prohibit adequate attention to the study and application of Scripture.

Shepherds feed the sheep, but who feeds the shepherds? For three days, Native pastors and their wives from the U.S. and Canada will gather at the Twin Lakes Conference Center in Florence, MS, to receive rest, refreshment, and resources to better feed their flocks.

The event is at no cost to the Native pastors. But space is limited. For first time attendees (which is everyone at this point), we can help with travel expenses who need it. But our intent is to keep the Native Pastors Gathering as a cost-free gift to the Native pastor.

Note: At this point, we are nearly full, but we will have a stand-by list in the event of a cancellation or if we are able to increase our current budget to enable more attendees.

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